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Friday, May 3, 2013

Heading North

Hi everyone

We are currently in Grass Lake Michigan, about an hour from the Canadian border, where we will stay for another 3 weeks. After having spent the winter in Crystal River, Florida, we are on our way back home to Ontario but have to wait a little for campgrounds there to open. From what we hear the weather has greatly improved in the North Bay area so that part would not be a problem any longer. If one lives in a fifth wheel, cold temperatures can be a real drag and one definitely does not want to see snow. Now that winter seems to be over with in northern Ontario, all we need is a place to park our rig and hook up to services. This means a campground because of the services part. But most of them will only open on the May long weekend so we have to drag our feet for a few more weeks before we can return to Lake Nipissing.

We will also need a campground which allows pets. Hunter and Trapper would not normally be a problem as they are cats and for the most part stay in the fifth wheel. But now that we also have a dog, this has to be considered. Speaking of the dog: we are all learning a lot. André and I how to handle a dog, Princess what we want her to do and not to do and the cats simply to get along with our new family member.

Tomorrow we will go visit with friends and spend some time with them in Frankenmuth. They live in Stirling Heights but love Frankenmuth and so we decided to meet up there. We have last seen them a while ago and are looking forward to catching up with what's new with all of us. They will also get to meet Princess which we will take with us. And then (in just over 3 weeks) it will be time to drive north and see all our friends in the North Bay area! Can't wait for that. Ahhh... sitting on H. & I.'s porch having a beer and a chat. And then there are all the others of course, too. This will be so great!

But for now it's Michigan for a little longer and then Ontario before we head out on a new adventure again. We will keep you posted of course, so please come back to read up on our travels.

André and Sue
@ home on the road

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