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Friday, January 11, 2013

Life at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park

Hi everyone

There is a lot to be said about spending the winter in an RV Park like we do so let us tell you a little bit about Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park.

Rock Crusher offers 398 nice, spacious sites in 2 main areas. There is what we call "downtown" with its 287 sites and then "uptown" with the remaining 111. We are uptown on a corner lot with so much space, it could almost house two rigs like ours. The entire RV Park also offers privacy between the sites and lots of shaded sites with Palm and other trees for those who want it. All sites have 30 / 50 Amp service, full hock-up, wireless (and really good) internet as well as cable TV. We also like that it is gated. Campers as well as visitors are issued access codes for the duration of their stay.

With the gatehouse, clubhouse, pool and playground all downtown we personally enjoy the quiet up here. Sure, if we want to participate in one of the many events offered - a list is published monthly - or go for a swim we can't just cross the road but that doesn't bother us the least. We simply take our bicycles and ride there. The only thing about being up here is that it really is up. There is a short, about 200 yards, but rather steep hill which some call "heart-attack-hill" to be climbed. That too doesn't bother us, we simply take our time when we're on foot or have the bikes with us.

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park is located a little bit outside of town so there is no noisy road going by yet everything we need such as grocery stores, post office, some flea and farmers markets etc. are only minutes from here by car. Crystal River offers everything a small town usually does, there is even a Chevrolet dealership should our truck need a service or some work, and Homosassa and Inverness are not far. Being so close to the Gulf of Mexico gives us the opportunity to indulge in fresh shrimp, clams, oysters and other seafood and fish whenever the mood hits us. We have been exploring the area a bit and found a seafood seller we like a lot on one of the markets.The prices for seafood are unbelievable cheap compared to Northern Ontario and of course it's fresh.

So much for today. It's time to go hit the pool and cool off a bit. In our next blog we will tell you a little about the people here and the "events" they/we hold uptown on our own (aside from the many organized by the RV Park).

See you soon

André and Sue
@ home on the road

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