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Friday, July 19, 2013

From Ontario to Alberta

Hi everyone

A lot has happened since our last post and I have to catch you up a little on what we've been doing the last few weeks.

After leaving Ontario for our second summer on the road we crossed the border to the U.S. once again and drove to Cedar Lake, Indiana. While I flew out of Chicago to Switzerland to surprise my mom for her birthday and was having a wonderful time there, André travelled the next few thousand kilometers to Alberta all by himself. Well with our "zoo" that is. The cats and dog of course would be with him not only keeping him company but also keeping him busy looking after them. 7 Days on the road left him little time to rest and see the sights but he enjoyed the trip to Delburne, Alberta non the less. One of his few stops was to check out the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping center in Canada. André loves to shop and so visiting a shopping center is something he really likes to do. I on the other hand don't like shopping and was really happy that he had the chance to go see the mall without having to drag me along.

After my return from Switzerland on the drive from Calgary airport to Delburne, where we are right now, I was taken by the landscape of Alberta. Not having seen the prairies, the wide open land has something very calming to it and we just love it. We could not get enough of it the other day when we drove to Dinosaur Provincial Park, too. Patches of bright yellow canola alternate with the lush green of wheat fields as large as a whole farm in Switzerland. The road a grey band as straight as an arrow stretches before us until it is but a fine line disappearing from view before it even hits the horizon. A distant stand of trees raising over a field like an island in the sea and gently rolling hills have "calm" written all over the the landscape. The buildings of a farm here and there are the only witnesses that people even live here. Then we turn a bend in the road and the road suddenly dips into a canyon about 250 feet deep.We cross a bridge and clime the other side of the canyon. Looking into the rear-view mirror nothing of the river which carved the canyon out of the land over thousands of years can even be seen. The canyon is but a scratch on the surface of the great flatland.

Dinosaur Provincial Park had been our destination that day and it was worth the trip. It is the world's richest deposit of dinosaur bones of its size. Like with the canyon I just told you about the flatland all of a sudden completely changes its appearance when one approaches the park. An outlook offers a great view over the scares receding glaciers left millions of years ago and it doesn't take a lot to imagine dinosaurs roaming here. One display shows a dinosaur skeleton where it actually had been found in 1959. Another explains how bone excavation works, showing the tools needed and giving a very good idea of how hard that work must be. It is brutally hot and not surprising one can find prairie rattlesnakes, blackwidow spiders and scorpions here, creatures which like this kind of climate. Visitors are warned about them and it actually scarred me a little and I was very careful not to get too close to bushes or big rocks. I also kept Princess on a short leash and away from them.

Now we are getting ready for another change of scenery. The next leg of our trip will take us to the Rocky Mountains and Jasper. Please come back to read what adventures we will encounter there.

André and Sue
@ home on the road

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